Cardiovascular Endurance | Age- 7 to 9 years

Cardiovascular Endurance for Kids

Cardiovascular endurance is a measure of how well your heart and lungs work together to provide oxygen to your body during exercise. It is important for overall health and fitness, as well as for maintaining a healthy weight. For kids, regular cardiovascular exercise can improve heart and lung health, increase stamina and endurance, and promote healthy habits for life.

Some examples of cardiovascular exercises that kids can do include running, biking, and swimming. These activities increase heart rate and breathing, which challenges the cardiovascular system and improves its function over time. Regular cardiovascular exercise can also help prevent conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

At our fitness classes for kids in Pune, we focus on making cardiovascular exercise safe and enjoyable for young children. We provide age-appropriate activities that are fun and engaging, while also focusing on proper technique and form to ensure safety. We also monitor the intensity of the exercise to ensure that children are not overexerting themselves.

Cardiovascular Endurance Program for 7-9-Year-Olds

Exercise Type Duration Frequency


20-30 minutes

3-5 times per week

20-30 minutes
3-5 times per week
20-30 minutes
3-5 times per week

Some of the benefits of our cardiovascular endurance program for kids include:

  1. Improved heart and lung health
  2. Increased stamina and endurance
  3. Promotes healthy habits for life
  4. Helps prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease

Incorporating regular cardiovascular exercise into a child’s routine is an effective way to help them maintain a healthy weight and improve their overall fitness and health. If you’re looking for weight management programs for kids or weight loss exercises for kids, our cardiovascular endurance program is a great place to start.

Our online/virtual program

Our program for cardiovascular endurance includes easy-to-follow videos and instructions for parents and caregivers to guide their children through the exercises at home. We also provide nutritional guidance to help children fuel their bodies properly for optimal performance.

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