Yoga and Meditation | Age- 3 to 6 years

Yoga Classes for Kids in Pune, India

Yoga and meditation are great practices for children to engage in. It can help them develop body awareness, flexibility, balance, and concentration. At FitMyKid, we offer virtual yoga classes for kids in Pune that are specifically designed for their age group. Our certified yoga instructors are experienced in working with children and understand how to make the classes engaging, fun, and safe.

Our virtual yoga classes for kids in Pune incorporate various yoga poses and meditation techniques that are suitable for their age group. We start with simple breathing exercises to help children relax and focus. Then we move on to basic yoga poses that are easy to follow and execute, such as downward dog, tree pose, and warrior pose. These poses help improve balance, flexibility, and strength while also promoting mindfulness and concentration.

Yoga and Meditation Program for 3-6-Year-Olds

Improving Flexibility, Balance, and Mental Well-Being

Week Yoga Poses Breathing Techniques Meditation
Tree Pose
Bunny Breathing
Mindful Breathing
Cat and Cow Pose
Lion's Breath
Downward-Facing Dog Pose
Child's Pose
Butterfly Pose
Warrior I Pose
Candle Breath
Body Scan Meditation
Cobra Pose
Dragon Breath
Eagle Pose
Bridge Pose
Happy Baby Pose
Boat Pose
Humming Breath
Loving-Kindness Meditation
Fish Pose
Triangle Pose
Plank Pose
Snake Pose
Sun Salutation
Ocean Breath
Gratitude Meditation
Warrior II Pose
Camel Pose
Dolphin Pose
Chair Pose
Crow Pose
Snake Breath
Body Scan Meditation
Pigeon Pose
Handstand Pose
King Pigeon Pose
Lotus Pose
Headstand Pose
Bee Breath
Loving-Kindness Meditation
Half Moon Pose
Fish Pose
Extended Triangle Pose
Dancer's Pose

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At FitMyKid, safety is our top priority. We understand that children's bodies are still developing and may not be able to handle certain yoga poses that adults can. Therefore, our certified yoga instructors make sure to modify the poses as needed to ensure the safety of our young participants. We also provide a supportive and inclusive environment where children can feel comfortable and confident to try new things and express themselves.